1964 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser Custom

There is just something about a old looking, 4wd with patina and original scars still in tact that gets our hearts racing. Sure, a beautifully restored classic 4wd will always be worth more, and has it’s place with collectors, but for many of us off-roaders and overlanders, those museum show-pieces that will never be taken off-road, do not appeal as much. That is why, this little patina cruiser we found over on Ebay, ticks all the right boxes in our books for a weekend and summer toy. It is a 1964 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, but has been repowered by a fun and more powerful Chevy 305 V8 engine, sports a new custom exhaust and power steering, and redone brakes to ensure, it drives comfortably and safely.

Images [Ebay]

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