1981 Toyota Trekker Original Gear Hauler

The original Gear Hauler, before the 4runner, was a collaboration between Toyota and Winnebago, called the Toyota Trekker. It is not widely knows, and many that see them just think they are older gen pickups with fiberglass canopies on them, they are however, a lot more than just that.

There weren’t many produced, and depending on who you ask, you will get answers ranging from 1000 to 1500 between 1981 and 1983. Almost 40 years on, and these little rare Trekkers, have become quite the collectors item, and we have found a prime collectors condition example for you connoisseurs for sale on Ebay.

Originally marketed and sold as Winnebagos, named after the motor home company that built them from partially built Toyota Trucks, the name later changed to Toyota Trekkers, after Winnebago had quite a few other products which could cause confusion. After final assembly by Winnebago they were all available for order by Toyota dealers.

Clearly, when looking at this Trekker, you will realise that it was the precursor and testing prototype to the now common and very successful Toyota 4Runner, which started production a few years later and is today the usual go-to vehicle when looking for a gear hauler. Most if not all of them kept the indestructable 22R motor, but as for other options, they were are varied as was available on the Toyota Pickups at the time.

Becoming rarer to find nowadays, especially in good condition, it’s obvious that their value would climb to where it is now, and even further in future. Go on over, and get yourself a true piece of Toyota SUV and Truck History.

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