1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ73

I consider the FRP Topped 73 and 74 series mid- wheelbase Land Cruiser models, the ultimate in Toyota’s lineup. The perfect blend of short-ish wheelbase for added capability, but still having enough space for utilitarian use. No wonder we still have one as one of our long-term project vehicles here at Modifind Off-Road.

Both, classic yet also capable, this timeless wonder will never lose it’s cool or go out of style, and can hold it’s own again the toughest off roaders, yet still be comfortable enough for daily commute.

Even better is the fact that this one also features one of my all-time favorite engines too, the immensely powerful 1FZ-FE 4.5L inline six. Not only can this engine keep the vehicle up to speeds higher than most feel comfortable driving heavy offroad vehicles at, but it can also tow a full size 18 wheeler at idle with it’s lowdown torque curve.

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