big tires

Big Tires

Off Road and 4wd, can both officially be changed to Big Tires.

Why do you think we can say that with so much conviction? Well mostly because it truly is the answer for most questions posted on online forums, or asked at 4×4 events and outings across the world.

How do you make you rock crawler better?

Big tires.

big tires rock crawling

How do you make your 4wd, truck or Jeep driven better in snow?

Big tires.

big tires snow

How do you get better traction and prevent your 4wd or off road rig from getting stuck in sand?

Big tires.

big tires sand

How can you made a mud truck go further and drive better in mud?

Big tires.

big tires mud

How do you get better clearance for your diff and axles in a solid axle vehicle?

Big tires.

big tires diff clearance

How do you improve you approach, break-over and departure angles of your Jeep or truck?

Big tires.

huge tires off road

How do you get any 4wd truck to look better and make heads turn when you drive past?

Big tires.

There are so many more questions to which that same answer applies. When it comes to off road capability, there rarely is truly any situation where fitting bigger tires would not help your rig. Even in desert racing, yes there is a limit there where you cannot go too big, but let’s face it, compare to OEM vehicles, 33 inch and 35 inch tires that are usually fitted to desert racing trucks is by no means small.

So next time you start any new 4wd project or buy a new Jeep and wonder what to do with it. Plan everything around fitting big tires and you already be on the right track.

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