Hawaiian Truck Style 808

The Hawaiian, or 808 as they call it, truck style and trends are quite unique. Some love it, some hate it, but one thing is for sure, they don’t care about the haters, and they shouldn’t. One common thing in Hawaii is, if you drive an off-road truck, it’s gotta be lifted high, it’s gotta have huge deep dish chrome wheels, and it’s gotta have mud bogger tires that are too small for the wheel, but stretched to fit.

Although not always practical, these trucks are built for show, and remind many of the toy monster trucks we had as kids. It has created a unique subculture, unique to a specific area, and we always commend communities creating unique trends and styles, bringing something new and different to the world. You would catch me in a 808 style pickup driving on the tar road before driving a standard sedan any day of the week.

They are even customizing little 1/10th scale RC Trucks to match:

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