Jeep JK Interior Upgrades You Can’t Live Without

We love Jeep Wranglers, they are probably some of the only modern offroaders that still truly feature a rugged interior and exterior, but also offer comfort to go with it. Although much of the Wrangler JK and JKU interiors have been designed with both comfort, and rugged outdoor utilitarian use in mind, over time, there are a few glitches that pop up, or gaps for aftermarket manufacturers to improve on designs. You may also be looking for a gift idea for a Jeep Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited owner, Jeep JK dash upgrade ideas for yourself, or just to customize your Jeep Wrangler. Here is a list of small interior upgrades we feel that any Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU owner cannot live without:

Rugged Ridge Door Storage Pouches

Rugged Ridge JK Door Storage Pouch

Although they look cool initially, and work good, the factory OEM Map Pocket Door Pouches that come with as standard on the JK and JKU wranglers, just do not hold up to use. You will find looking inside JKs that have been owned for a year or two, that almost all of their driver side door pockets with the net mesh, have sagged to some degree. Depending on use, some so badly, that if a wallet is put in there, it can actually prevent the door from closing. Well, luckily there is an awesome aftermarket solution that upgrades both the durability, and usefulness of them.

Enter the Rugged Ridge 13551.75 Door Storage Panel, Pair, w/Pouches available right here from Amazon via the link below. These feature construction from durable 600 Denier polyester ballistic weave, that will not sag or tear under heavy use, offer a larger main storage compartment, an integrated MOLLE/PALS retention system at the front of each panel, and included storage pouches that can be added or removed. We love them.

Rugged Ridge Dash Multi-Mount with Phone Kit

Rugged Ridge Dash JK Phone Mount
Dashcam view mounted on Rugged Ridge Multi-Mount

Featuring a nifty place to hold your phone for navigation, as well as your GoPro or other forward facing action cam, whilst still maintaining the functionality and original use of the space, this Rugged Ridge Dash Multi-Mount with Phone Kit is an excellent upgrade with very handy practical use. Available from Amazon via the link below.

Roll Bar Grab Handles

JK roll bar grab handles

Although not immediately apparent, one quickly realizes after driving in your Jeep Wrangler, be it the JK, JKU, TJ or any other model for that matter, that there aren’t really handles to grab onto either during rough off-roading terrain, or simply just to help getting in and out. I was able to live without them, but once my Grandad drove with me, his struggle and joking remarks made me realize that one cannot do without. Luckily Rugged Ridge came up with a clever design solution for that. This should just be included from the factory if you ask us. Available from Amazon via the link below.

Rugged Ridge Black Left Side A-Pillar 4-Switch Pod

JK switch pillar pod

Although not really required for every day use, when one starts to add auxiliary lighting, and other electronic off-road gear to your Jeep JK or JKU, you quickly realize that you do not have enough space to mount all the switches to active those lights and accessories, and drilling or cutting ugly holes in that beautiful dashboard is simply not an option. Once again, enter Rugged Ridge with this clever left from A-Pillar Pod that has neat space for 4 additional switched, allowing quick access and almost OEM look. Available from Amazon via the link below.

Rear Seat Recline Kit for Jeep JKU Wrangler (4-Door)

Reclined JK Rear Seat
JK rear seat recline bracket

Many Wrangler JKU owner, especially parents with baby seats, will have noticed, that although the rear seats of the JK Unlimited are quite comfortable, they are very much upright, without any way to recline them. This usually becomes a problem, either when adults seated in the back complain about almost being hunched forward, or when parents install a baby seat on the rear seat, and find that because it is so upright, and cannot recline, this will often cause the baby’s head to hang forward when falling asleep, which in turn could lead to more serious breathing problems. Luckily, with this very inexpensive kit, you simply bolt them in, and get just enough added degrees of recline for all these issues to be resolved. A obvious upgrade for any JKU owner if you ask us.

GrabTray Passenger Storage Tray Organizer

JK grab bar organizer

The Jeep JK, already has quite a few small compartments, and spaces to stow some stuff, however, we have rarely found that there are enough of these in any car. Thanks to the awesome design of the Grab handle by Jeep, and the added clever invention by Savadicar, you can now have a nifty extra storage space for yourself or a passenger for anything from a Cellphone to a pack of smokes. A relatively inexpensive, but excellent addon to your JK or JK Unlimited, a must have in our eyes.

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