LED, HID, Halogen or Laser?

LED bars are all the rage at the moment, in terms of off-road lighting.

Going off-roading at night, one will soon realize, requires so additional lighting to be mounted on your vehicle, ideally you want a white wall of light in from of you so you can see all obstacles, obstructions or animals that might get in the way. Not even just off-roaming, but it is even essential for long-distance road trips on unlit roads at night to see any animals that may be coming from the side.


Halogen, are the usual light bulbs that have been traditionally used in most lights that we are accustomed to, and although it is older technology, it is by no means dead, and many with many high current new options on the market, they still provide some of the best light color for your eyes that prevent light strain at night.


Short for High Intensity Discharge, HID lights, are a evolution of Halogen technology, providing a greater discharge of light, in a whiter hue. Usually coupled with large reflectors, these are excellent for long distance applications, where the throw, or how far the light reaches, it important.

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