LHD Land Cruiser FZJ70 Shorty

Already a rare classic in the US. Finding a Left Hand Drive version, with an original engine is even more so. Then, factor in the fact that this engine is the LEGENDARY 1FZ-FE 4.5 liter EFi petrol engine, basically the meanest baddest, toughest and most reliable Toyota Land Cruiser engine ever made, and what you have is the Land Cruiser aficionado’s ideal rig.

In fact, we are very surprised that this Toyota Land Cruiser short wheel base FZJ70 series, is still available and hasn’t sold yet. If it weren’t for the fact that we already have two 70 series Land Cruisers as part of our project vehicle fleet, and our bosses declining the request, this one would have been in our warehouse by now.

Known the world over as the off-road king, the venerable Toyota 70 series, one of the few truly tough Solid Front Axle vehicle still being produced today, has a reputation that speaks for itself. Luckily they are still available in some South American countries like Venezuela and Columbia, and luckily have been for many years, as these older versions now allow us US folks to legally import them in LHD to the US as a classic car.

Well look no further and save yourself the extra trouble, time and money and buy this one already available right here in the US of A.

Images from [Ebay]

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