Off-Road Recovery Kit Essentials

We all like to think that we ‘do not get stuck’, but the fact of the matter is that all of us do, as some point or another if we go off-roading enough. Getting stuck, however, need not be feared and is a normal part of off-road driving, and learning how to better handle different terrains. Provided you have the correct kit, to get yourself recovered or unstuck.

Number one rule is, take along a buddy. In their own off-road vehicle of-course, as this will make recovery MUCH easier, and also lessens the amount of equipment you need in your vehicle, compared to what is required when going solo.


A winch can be an invaluable piece of kit, in most off-road terrains, as it allows you to pull your own stuck vehicle free, without the need for another. A winch is also a very complicated piece of technology, and one that you do not want, to let you down when it is needed, so we recommend sticking to the well-known top brands, our favorite begin Warn:

warn vr10-s

Sand Tracks

sand tracks
Sand tracks provide traction and a surface to grip on for wheels that have lost traction.

Although most often being called sand tracks, they work on most slippery off-road terrains, and help by providing much needed traction to drive yourself out of a hole or ditch.

sand tracks

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