1980 Toyota Short Bed Pickup 4wd

by AJ Deysel

Although these pickups in mint condition are becoming quite the collectors items for classic car enthusiasts, that wouldn’t dream of taking them off-road, they are still among some of the best and most capable off-road, and crawling rigs you can get for the money, if you find a bargain. Well looky right here, a very good condition, although not mint, short bed, 1980 Toyota 4×4 pickup, with a 22R motor. The venerable 22R may be no rocket-ship, but when coupled with low gearing, makes an awesome crawling motor. This one also features power steering, and AC, both of which can prove valuable out on hot summer desert and rock trails, although the AC needs a regas. The body is in excellent, condition, and does not appear to have any concerning rust. The perfect rig to start with in our opinion.

Images [Ebay]

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