US With A Touch Of Euro

Across the US and Europe, cars riding on air-bags are becoming quite common at custom car shows and euro events. Most of these cars however, are European manufactured vehicles, and less common, some Japanese manufactured rides too. Here however, we find ourselves mesmerized by this perfect blend of US and Euro, an American born and bred steed, with a strong euro finish. Although some enthusiasts remain either staunch Euro, or US proponents, thankfully, there are a few forward thinkers like Mateusz Kardaś, that prefer to stand out from the crowd, and build a masterpiece like this for us to admire.

The 24 year old from Tarnów in Poland, runs a company specializing in design and manufacturing of car tuning and custom parts, hence his inclination for a custom ride, out of the norm. This is when the decision was made, to try and get hold of the American Icon, a Ford Mustang. He specifically wanted the V6 engined varient, which was not available in Poland, so he started searching for one to import from the US himself. As luck would have it, he ended up finding exactly what he wanted, right there in Poland. A 2015 Ford Mustang S550 V6.

Starting the build, Mateusz knew exactly what he wanted from the get go, and with the help of a few other companies, the MAXTONDESIGN Team set about building his vision.

Build details:

ENGINE: Stock, only ROUSH intake system, Exhaust system, consisting of bbk shorty
headers, X- pipe, Roush Quad tip axle back with throttle.

CHASSIS: Airlift supsension kit with 3H air management.

EXTERIOR: Wheels Ferrada FR4 front 9”, rear 10,5” machine silver w/chrome lip, Carbon racing Front splitter, Carbon racing side skirts, Carbon racing rear diffuser


Images Mike Crawat Photography

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