accuair rise and fall

The Rise and Fall of Accuair

What happened to Accuair?

Accuair the Company which recently announced that they are closing their doors, for forever. Now you might ask, why does this concern you. Let’s go back in time to 2001 when the two Brothers founded the Company. Reno and Dustin Heon aspired to create a solution for their custom Blazer build. The idea went grand when they realized that other people also wanted a real-time solution as a reliable and easy to install, air suspension, which could change the ride height on the go. The E-Level system was the biggest hit for the Company, As it gave the ease and had the most viability for different people.


Accuair got the recognition for the E-level as it became one of the most popular Air Suspension Solution. So what happened with the brand and why are we talking about its fall. Well, the story of its fall begins with the successor of the E-level system, “the E-level +”, it came out after ten years of development, But it wasn’t a substantial improvement over its predecessor as the people were waiting for the next big thing. Mind you, E-Level + is a fantastic package, but when compared to the Original E-Level, it felt short and could be said that it came too little too late.


The Market that Accuair was still a niche when compared to more traditional Suspension suppliers. The Brothers were great at creating amazing products as they were engineers but handling and operating a company which was growing at a rapid rate was tough for them, which is why In 2014, they onboarded an external management company named Collaborative to help them manage, and get back on the track. This helped them in registering a 235% growth in 2015.


Now you might ask what changed in the last five years. It’s the high prices of their products and a slow-growing economy. To make new and better products, Accuair has to invest a lot in their in-house R&D and to break the bank it’s natural to price their products high, but lately, the majority of people aren’t willing to spend big on customizations.

But this was not the final nail in its coffin. The Company made high-quality products, but it’s tryst to find the perfection can be majorly attributed to Global Pandemic of COVID-19. The Californian closure (Accuair is based in CA) was supposed to last for two weeks, but it lasted for much longer than what the Company initially anticipated. In a statement released on Facebook, the Company stated they had no workforce to produce the products, & that the final decision vested with its investors who decided that Accuair should no longer be in business.


The Financial repercussions of the ongoing Pandemic have started to take its toll on the local businesses, and the story of Accuair is proof of that. Leaving many enthusiasts asking what happened to Accuair.

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