Vandalized Lambo

Lamborghini Gallardo’s are quite rare in South Africa, but one owner was not satisfied with stock and wanted something more unique. So young millionaire Prinasen Dhaver, decided to collaborate with Vossen SA and Damn Vandal a local South Africa artist, to create a unique art piece. But first it needed to be turned into a canvas to work on, so the work of Wicked Dips in Durban was called in.

How it started
Looks good, but not yet satisfied, so on to next color.
Green was the next choice, and although unique, not quite what he was after yet, so it was stripped and prepped for the next color.
All masked up and ready to go matte white.

Damn Vandal used Posca pens for the artwork.
Doing his thing.
Next lady waiting for a shave.
The Final Product
Vossen CV7 wheels also fitted and work perfectly with the new look of the Lambo.
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