How to Clean Car Headlights

how to clean car headlights

The clear coat of your car’s headlights may start to fade or yellow with time, due to road salt, pollution, and natural aging. The UV rays from the sun begin to dissolve the plastic and produce a yellow appearance. To restore your lights’ original luster and sparkle, you can purchase a restoration kit at your local auto store. After sanding, polish your headlights to prevent dust from sticking to them.

Using a toothbrush and water, a microfiber cloth, and white vinegar, gently scrub the headlights until they shine like new. Make sure to use a gentle abrasive like toothpaste, as this may scratch chrome-coated plastic and painted frames. For extra polish, you can use toothpaste mixed with water and rub your headlights in a circular pattern. Once the headlights have dried, polish the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

Another way to clean your headlights is to use a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda is a great abrasive, so apply it to your headlights using a brush or your fingertips. Rinse with water afterwards. You can also use a toothbrush to apply the solution, but be sure to use regular white toothpaste and avoid the gel kind. You should also apply a small amount of abrasive substance to the lens, such as baking soda, and wipe the surface dry.

To clean your headlights properly, you should use toothpaste and baking soda. You should use a paste-like consistency for the toothpaste and use it to scrub each lens thoroughly. If you want to restore the headlights’ luster, you can also purchase headlight restoration kits online. These kits are expensive, but they come with polishing compound and other supplies. If you have trouble cleaning your headlights, you can always redo the process until you see results you’ll be happy with.

For deep scratches, you can try using vinegar and baking soda. However, this method may not be effective if you have severe oxidation on your headlights. This requires a lot of elbow grease and time, and it’s important to choose the right solution for your particular situation. After a few minutes, you can wipe off the residue with a clean rag and dry towel. If you’re not sure which method to use, consult your car’s manual.

If you have sealed your car headlights with sealant, you’ll need to wait a few hours, or overnight, for it to dry completely. If you’re not patient enough, bugs will stick to the sealed surface and cause even more damage. You should consider applying sealant every two to three years. Then, you can continue to enjoy your clean headlights. However, you’ll need to apply it more often than once, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Despite being an essential part of your car, headlights can easily become foggy. This is because they absorb the light emitted by the bulbs. While this makes them appear cloudy, it isn’t impossible to clean them. If you’re concerned about the cost, consider purchasing protective covers and parking in a shade area to protect your headlights from damaging elements. After washing your car, focus on the headlights and dry your car using a microfiber cloth.

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