The Jeep JK is Not Dead

The Jeep JK is not dead

Looking on social media, you would think that the Jeep Wrangler JK is ‘so last year’ especially on the instagram feeds of custom vehicle builders, SEMA and other aftermarket accessory showcase shows and aftermarket accessory manufacturers. They seem to all just be customizing and making accessories for the new Jeep Wrangler JL.

Teraflex’s Awesome Retro Theme JK Build, on of our Favorites

Although it the Jeep JL may be the flavor of the moment, this does not by any way, shape or form take anything away from the venerable, and now almost legendary Lego vehicle which is the Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited. In fact, you will find that many experienced offroaders, builders and expeditioners, actually prefer the slightly simpler, and because of this, sometimes more capable and reliable JK.

The Jeep JK is Not Dead

Yes many of the aftermarket accessory manufacturers, from winches, to bumpers to suspensions have been seen lately at either SEMA, the 4 Wheel Offroad Ultimate Adventure or other showcasing events sporting custom Jeep JLs with their livery and accessories on, but you have to understand that it is merely done for marketing, and showing the target market (in this case the new Jeep JL owners or prospective buyers) that they do make compatible accessories and offer support for these vehicles. This is usually done with the release of any new vehicles, as by that time, most of the older Jeep JK owners have already seen that they do make products for the Jeep JK.

The Jeep JK is Not Dead

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