4runner aftermarket front bumpers

Toyota 4Runner Aftermarket Bumpers

There is no doubt that the past few year, the Toyota 4Runner has started to gain a reputation as a reliable, formidable, capable and comfortable overlanding SUV, and with the latest 5th Gen model, it also comes with all the creature comforts to keep mom and kids happy for normal school runs and daily driving.

Although being quite capable for normal overlanding and the average trail right out of the box, it undoubtedly suffers on some of the more technical trails and obstacles with the added overhang of the factory front bumper. With modern vehicles, manufacturers have to take all kinds of laws and regulations such as extra pedestrian safety precautions and such into account when designing a vehicle, and these often mean that especially on the front bumper, they have to offer up some valuable approach angle, and any hard recover or tow points. Although not all the aftermarket front bumpers increase the approach angle, what all of the options that we would ever consider do have to offer, is safe and strong recovery points, or tow points, as well as added protection for front end collisions with objects or animals that you may encounter suddenly on a remote road at night. Added spot, driving and auxiliary lighting mounting points also just add the the use and safety of them.

Luckily with the popularity of the Toyota 4Runner the past few years (also thanks in part to the popular TRD editions), there are many manufacturers that have started catering for specifically this vehicle, and we are liking the options available. After some research, both on the trails, and online forums, we have selected a few aftermarket 4Runner front bumpers that we feel should be the first upgrade you do for your 4Runner to get it ready for any off-road, overland or trail riding. Here are the best 4runner 5th gen bumpers in no particular order:

Southern Style Offroad Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper

Since the first day we saw this bumper with it’s slimline profile, strong recovery points, radiator protection nudge bar, and the almost OEM+ clean look, we were in love. It is an awesome, subtle, but very useful addition to the Toyota 4Runner

sso 4runner front bumper

ARB 4Runner Deluxe Bumper

For the serious off-roaders and overlanders, looking for the ultimate in front end protection, as well as increased approach angles, the utilitarian ARB Deluxe Bumper, has been tried, and tested, and also has been certified airbag safe and compatible. It also has ample space for a large 4Runner bumper winch.

toyota 4runner arb bumper

RSG Off Road Lil B’s Hybrid 4Runner Bumper

We love all RSG Off Road and RSG Metalwork’s fabrication and product, and this tough bumper is no different. Feature ample light mounting options, and they can customize it whichever way you like, this bumper can be made to exactly suit your needs and style.

rsg off road 4runner front bumper

WARN Semi-Hidden Fixed Winch Mount Bumper

Very similar to the SSO bumper at the top, this one is also very well incorporated into the factory front bumper and look of the 4Runner. This one offering no custom options like the SSO unit, but still the same utility, with recovery points and winch mount, but at a lower price. Warn has also proven through many years that their products are reliable.

warn 4runner front bumper

Hefty Fabworks 4Runner Front Bumper Full Guard 3 Hoop

Also featuring numerous custom options, this tough front bumper from Hefty Fabworks, is USA made, perfect for the some heavy rock crawling and trails where maximum clearance and front approach angle matters.

hefty fabworks 4runner aftermarket front bumper

ENIXWILL 4Runner Front Winch Bumper

For the seriously budget-conscious wheelers, that still want good looks, with adequate protection, and strong recovery points, there is this good looking Enixwill bumper available on Amazon. Still rated at 12 000lbs.

4runner front replacement bumper

SDHQ 5th Gen 4Runner Hidden Winch Mount

For the 4Runner owners who REALLY love the look of the factory front OEM bumper on their 4Runner, but want the added capability that a winch offers, a 4runner hidden winch mount is your only option. These can be notoriously dangerous as they are often not really rated at the same load rating of the winch or of what the vehicle weighs, so doing your research on the right one is crucial. Luckily for you, we here at Modifind Off Road has already done the research for you, and the only hidden winch mount we recommend, is the awesome 5th Gen 4Runner Hidden Winch Mount by SDHQ.

4runner hidden winch mount

Know of another 4Runner aftermarket front bumper that you feel should be included in this roundup, contact us with the link and we will gladly take a look at it?

Also remember that almost more important than the 4Runner off road bumpers, is the skid plate, as it protect as vulnerable, but lower hanging crucial components in your 4Runner.

Our choice for the best 5th Gen 4Runner skid plate is this Genuine Toyota 4Runner Skid Plate by TRD. It no only looks OEM and classy, it protects well too.

toyota 4runner aftermarket front bumpers

The next challenge would a suitable 4Runner rear bumper.

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