Ultimate US Expedition Platform

If you have some cash to blast, and enjoy overlanding throughout the US, but want to do so in comfort without sacrificing capability, we have found the ultimate base platform for you. The Ford F150 Raptor has built quite the reputation as an ultra-comfortable off-roader, with as much capability as you may ever need on the usual overlanding trails. It also offer ample interior space, as well as a bunch of packing space in the tub on the back. Enough packing space for your usual campers that is, but if you enjoy your luxuries and want to take everything you may need on such an overlanding camping expedition, then you may either run out of space, or loading capacity with the standard Raptor bin and axle capacity.

This is where the use of this Hennessey Ford F150 VelociRaptor comes in handy. With a working added extra axle, and the added bin length that comes with it, you will literally almost be able to load everything and the kitchen sink on the back of it. Perfect for a fully built piggy-back camper, of your own rooftop tent setup of choice. This should handle almost any overlanding trail that can be thrown at it, and make it through easily and comfortably.

Of course, for those of you that do not camp or overland, and are just looking for a mean unique truck for use when and wherever you want, and have the cash to match, you cannot get more unique than this Hennessey VelociRaptor too.

Images from [Ebay]

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